2019.4.8-10 Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition Highlights


PACKCON brand terminal club is a trade platform, which is set up carefully by the China Packaging Container Exhibition (“Exhibition”) for high-quality exhibitors with packaging and procurement demands or plans from various brand terminal industries, and aims to build a bridge for communication with senior managers from exhibitors

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Packcon Future Packaging Experience Center

Future Packaging Experience Center” is a new section introduced by the China Packaging Container Exhibition 2019 to show the concept of “new retailing”, to “cluster” new packaging solutions to seven key terminal industries, and to provide top packaging companies with a context-aware integrated marketing platform.

Affordable Luxury Packaging Pavilion

Affordable Luxury Packaging Pavilion is intended to highlight the affordable luxury packaging that has a strong appeal to “the new middle class”. The exhibition area with a total area of over 500 m2 includes the most innovative, the most comprehensive and the most high-end affordable luxury packaging brands and cases in the industry.

Shanghai International Packaging Design Week

The China Packaging Container Exhibition 2019 will place great emphasis on the build of Shanghai International Packaging Design Week and intensively display works including award-winning ones in domestic and international competitions, Packcon Star award-winning works and leading international active/smart packaging works to provide more possibilities for future packaging during forums, shows, selection and designer nights.



Packaging Black Technology Lab

Succeeding to the feature of “Packaging Black Technology Club”, “Packaging Black Technology Lab” will continue to focus on the cutting-edge technology and innovation of packaging industry and look at the broader innovative market in packaging materials, packaging structure and packaging design industries with the aim at setting up an open platform for “Industry-University-Research Integration” and speeding up the launch progress of innovative packaging



PACKCON STAR AWARDS are established by China Packaging Container Exhibition, through which the most innovative packaging materials, environment-friendly packaging, interactive marketing packaging and innovative packaging design of the same year will be reviewed and elected by the Brand Terminal Packaging Advisory Committee and the mass participants to gather the talents from all around the world, reveal the enterprise features and create a new fashion for future packaging together!