20 More Creative Product Packaging Examples

2017-11-24   Packaging Container Creative Inspiring 5
Even the anti-acne pill packaging can be SOOOO INSPIRING, what’s more in the rest of our list?...
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Delivery, e-commerce Impact Foodservice Packaging Trends

2017-11-22   Food-service-packaging 5
Consumers’ ‘nearly limitless’ food delivery options are impacting how foodservice packaging must perform, explains the Foodservice Packaging Institute’s 2017 Trends Report.Delivery and e-commerce are two major new factors influencing the findings in this year’sTrends Reportfrom theFoodservice Packaging Institute.“Each year our Trends Report searches for common threads found th......
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James Cropper | Closed-loop recycling solution on the move

2017-11-20   James Cropper 5
James Cropper is to reprocess disposable coffee cups collected by environmental solutions provider Veolia from Selfridges’ Oxford Street headquarters and stores, with the resulting paper being used to create the retailer’s iconic yellow shopping bags in a completely unique closed-loop recycling solution.Once used, disposable cups from the food hall and offices at the department store will......
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23 Deceptive Packaging Ideas That Aren't What They Appear To Be

2017-11-13    13
Have you ever been tricked before? Nowadays, packages can be deceptive yet delightful. Try and see if you can see through.1. This ice-pop KNIFE.2. This slice of cheese that CLEANS.3. Pizza...CONDOMS!!4. These fruity TOILET PAPER rolls.5. These TEA-shirts.6. These slices of Kleenex.7. These revealing "snaps."8. These frosted shirtcakes.9. This ......
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10 Coolest Album Packages

2017-11-01   album-pack 11
1. Public Image Limited: Metal Box en.wikipedia.orgAs the title says, Johnny Rotten's post-Sex Pistols band put out it's 1979 record in a plain metal round box.2. Science Vs Witchcraft: It's Not Necrophilia If You're Dead Too azltron.blogspot.comPackaged in an empty floppy disc.3. Dead Kennedys: In God We Trust, Inc The second side of the ta......
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Nestlé Brasil | Ice cream touts new IML spoon-in-lid

2017-10-30   Nestlé spoon-in-lid 11
Nestlé Brasil Ice Cream launched a series of 140 ml mono packs in December 2016 with a Peelable IML lid including a spoon-in-the-lid. Since then, Brazilian consumers have been eating their ice cream at the time and place of their convenience, because they always have a spoon in hand. Plastic packaging producer Plasticos Regina, ice cream producer Froneri and IML label producerV......
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