Exhibition Fee


Booth Price and Discount Scheme

Raw Space (per square meter)

Shell Scheme (Unit)

RMB 1,200


RMB 12,000


1The minimum lettable area of raw space is 24 sqm meters

2Shell scheme area: 9 sqm (3,000mm × 3,000mm)

3)Basic shell scheme furnishing: plates, floor-to-floor carpeting, two spot lights, two folding chairs, one information desk, one 10A / 220V power supply socket and a piece of fascia board printed with your company’s name in Chinese and English

4All prices listed above price include 6% VAT.


Price Discounts

To guarantee impartiality and fairness of the exhibition invitation process, the organizers will run an Open Discount scheme on a first-come-first-served basis. The scheme will be strictly implemented. Please refer to the table below for details for participants:

 Booth Booking

June to November 2016

After December 2016

Raw space /shell scheme

10% off

No discount


Details For Participants

1.  After completing the exhibition application form, please sign and stamp it before returning it to the organizers, to confirm your participation.

2.  The organizers process booth arrangements on a "first apply, first served; first pay, first confirmed " basis. 

3.  Within seven days of both parties making preliminary confirmation of the booth reservation, please remit the requisite deposit to the organizer. The final confirmation of the booth will be given upon receipt of the deposit. Failure to make a timely remittance may result in the release of the reserved booth. 

4.  Please refer to the table below for specific payment terms: 

Time of Contract Signing

1st Payment

2nd Payment


Time of Payment


Time of Payment

Before (including) January 10, 2017


Within 7 days of contract signing


Complete payment before January 10, 2017

After January 10, 2017

Pay all amounts in a lump sum within three work days of contract signing.

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