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Packaging Containers 

Paper packaging containers (including folding carton, paper bags, paper jars, paper tubes, paper cups, paper buckets, paper bowls, corrugated paper boxes, paper holders, pulp moulds and honeycomb fibreboard)

Plastic packaging containers (including plastic bottles, plastic cases, plastic boxes, plastic drums, plastic cups, non-woven bags)

Metal packaging containers (including metal boxes, metal tanks, metal tubs) 

Glass packaging containers (including wine bottles, household packaging glass bottles, canned bottle, medicine bottles, chemical reagent bottles, drinking glasses)

Other packaging containers made of natural materials 


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Packaging Materials and Accessories

Biodegradable plastics, buffering packing materials, aseptic packaging materials, preservation packaging materials, functional film, nano packaging materials, fiber products and other natural packaging materials, as well as labels, bottle covers, zippers, easy-open lids, pumps, soft tubes and more.  

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Packaging Services

Packaging design solutions 

Integrated packaging solutions 

Packaging services